Doing Rubbish Removal the Easy Way

3 Easy ways to Clean Up and Remove Backyard Rubbish

garbage can in backyard

When you walk in your yard, do you feel as if you are exploring a minefield and you have to tiptoe around tree limbs and backyard junk? Well, if so, it might be the high time you cleaned your yard. Every homeowner in Sydney wants their property to look its best. Whenever backyard waste becomes an issue, it can be both a safety and an eye sore concern. In Sydney, winter is commonplace. With a population of 4.3 million people, it experiences 9 degrees C in the winter season of June through August; what is termed as mild winter. The moment winter ends; you may look at your yard and wonder what happened. It is during most seasons that snow or strong wind can cause havoc on your yard. Debris, leaves, tree branches and limbs are common culprits in messing up your backyard. The worst case scenario is when the grass grows long, and isn’t mowed for some time, and miscellaneous pieces of garbage that might have been buried begin to show up. Chip bags, newspapers, pop cans, gift wrappings, and more may hide under the grass only to appear months later. 

Repurpose and Start Immediately

Understand that there are areas of your home that are harder to clean than others. Each area presents its host of difficulties during rubbish removal. Because it is often hidden from the public eye, it is easy to give a blind eye to disposed old whitegoods in the backyard, while that shouldn’t be the case. Check the area around your home and thoroughly clear fallen and disposed elements. For the resourceful Sydney homeowners, it is possible to salvage and repurpose various items found in the yard while cleaning. Repurposing is not only fun but resourceful too. Anybody who has been through the ordeal of clearing out junk wished they had started sooner. Don’t wait until the yard has a load of waste. 

Purge the Junk

Jump in the deep end by staging a yearly clutter disposal of the old whitegoods not forgetting to make proper use of the greenwaste. Embrace actual raking, clipping, and mowing. Along with natural debris, make other items such as swing sets, sand boxes, lawn chairs, birdbaths, auto parts, tires, among others disappear. Drag out every garden shear and mystery electricals and assess all of them carefully before deciding which to eliminate and which to keep. In most North Sydney family properties, the backyard ends up becoming a repository for items that are not used. Combine that with items buried during winter and you have a complete dumpsite. Stay clear of greenwaste and recyclable items such as shoes, chairs, sofas, and furniture. 

Purchase Outdoor Garbage Bins and Consider Calling A Waste Removal Company

For items you do not need, pile them in the garbage bins, and be sure to place heavy weights on the lids. In Sutherland Shire, garbage is collected at your door step. When piling garbage, homeowners only need to ensure that the bin is not too full and must not weigh more than 80 kilos. For Sutherland Shire residents, rubbish removal has never been easier. To ensure water gathered in the can is not stored for mosquitoes, tip it upside down. The trash cans should be stored indoors to keep off unwanted animals. For larger items which are too big to fit in council prodded bins you might need to call in a professional waste removal company like Same-Day Rubbish Removal or others in your area.

With every project, it is crucial to kick-start the process. Once your backyard is decluttered, you will enjoy your space. Remember, the objective of the cleaning process is to get rid of unwanted stuff and not to move it to a room in your home or the garage.

You can read more about waste, including Australian statistics at the ABS site.




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