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How hard is it to install a towbars to your vehicle?

towing a jetski with a towbar

A towbar is the most useful accessory that can instantly transform your vehicle in to a wonderful holiday home, a pick-up truck or a vehicle to ferry luggage around town. Maybe you are planning a holiday. If you have a caravan attached to your car, you can go on a wonderful holiday that is very cost effective yet allows you the freedom to travel and camp anywhere. If you are shifting homes or simply helping someone else, your pick-up truck makes life just so much easy. If you live on the Gold Coast, getting a towbar installed by a company like Speedy Towbar is often just the answer to all your towing needs.

A very logical question is how hard is it to install a towbar? It is also very important to know the answer to this question. For that I have put together some tips on how to install a towbar to your vehicle. These simple “do it yourself tips” will help even newbies to install towbars correctly.

Getting a towbar fitted requires knowledge. There are a few things that should be understood before choosing the towbar to be fitted to your car. There are different towbar models for different cars. For example if there is one model of a specific make, it would not be using the same towbar as another model of the same make. Make sure you find out which towbar is suitable to be fitted to your car depending upon the model and make of your car.

Another key thing to consider while choosing a towbar is to decide whether you want a car mounted or a coach mounted towbar. The basic difference between both is that whereas a car mounted towbar is fitted in front, a coach mounted one is fitted at the back of your vehicle. There are different types of towbars as well. There is the rigid and the collapsible towbar. The difference is simple as explained. While the rigid towbar needs to be fitted very carefully since it cannot be adjusted the collapsible towbar can be folded and is adjustable. The basic difference between these two types of towbars is that while one is inexpensive, it is for those people who do not travel very frequently. For those who travel and move around very frequently should actually consider using the collapsible model.

Before you start installing a towbar, you should ensure that your vehicle is parked on a flat surface. Your towbar should include safety chains and cables. Now you should measure the front frame of your vehicle. You have to be careful while centering the area which you will mark for drilling holes into. Once you mark the frame, you must measure the width of the frame to ensure you have made the marking in the correct place. Bring the towbar into line and fasten it to the vehicle. Drill holes on the marked area. Then tighten the bolts of the towbar to firmly secure the towbar in place. This sounds easy to do however if you are situated in Brisbane and need professional help to install a towbar, Speedy Towbar is a good starting point for all your towbar and towing needs, and I'd recommend speaking with them.

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