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Wedding String Quartets

Choosing the right wedding songs for your string quartet to play at your wedding

wedding string quartet playing music

One quintessential wedding requirement is definitely live music. Live music spreads lots of joy and cheer to your wedding festivities. Wedding guests enjoy dancing to live music and it creates a very beautiful atmosphere. Everyone can enjoy themselves and dance to lovely live music. That is exactly what a string quartet provides you.

What is a string quartet (Wikipedia Article)? As the name suggests, it is a band that consists of four stringed instruments. A string quartet usually has two violins, a viola and a cello. The people that play these instruments are well trained musicians who can play any form of music for you. The beauty of string quartets like String Musicians Australia is that they sound like a mini orchestra and classical, jazz, pop, instrumental and all form of modern music can be played. A lot of the musicians who are part of this string quartet have played at professional orchestras before.

You should ensure that when you hire a string quartet , the company that you choose should have well experienced musicians. If they are trained well, they provide you very good quality music and can sometimes even customize the music to suit your individual taste or suit the theme of your wedding party. Given the wide range of music that can be played by the string quartet for your wedding - read more at, people usually choose to have them, to make an occasion look and feel more beautiful and personal for your spouse, family and friends.

Plan your wedding string quartet with a recommended company - I'd recommend taking a look at That way you will end up making the wedding ceremony very special and all your guests will have something to talk about for a long time! Choosing the right music for your wedding requires a lot of skill. What is the setting of your wedding? Are you having a church wedding or have you chosen any other location? Your church ceremony would require a completely different set of songs compared to any other location. You have to ensure that the songs you play in the church are appropriate.

How many songs would be needed for the entire ceremony? There will be music to greet guests as they sit, while the bride walks down the aisle or any dedications to loved ones. You have to be careful while choosing the music as it should suit the tastes of all the family members. It has to cover all the generations in the family and should be popular so that many years down the line it should not turn into a joke. Ask the group when you want to hire a String Quartet , for a small sample of their music. That should help you evaluate their music. Last but not the least do make sure to have one wedding rehearsal so that you can make any last minute changes to your music.

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